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Vocal-breath-musical experience, led by Amit Carmeli

The Wild Roots stands for life’s energy itself, the source of all creation in each human being. It is wild, yet amazingly harmonious, thanks to its wildness and not in spite of it. Every single movement we create in space, every sound-wave we initiate, is born out of our root’s attraction to harmony. Non-interference with this mysterious source within, serving as a neutral conductor to it is the secret and key of being free. Our voice is a clear and immediate reflection of who we really are in this moment.

Listening and sensing our voice while singing, allows us to recognize our state of being on several different levels- our body rigidity or flexibility, our attachment to concepts or freedom from those – all reflecting our intimacy with harmony or the lack of it. Experiencing music through your body, breath and voice while surrendering to your Wild Root, allows for a perfect merger of the musical instrument – our body – with the unique music that we are. Letting the music breathe through you is a powerful act of healing. Singing melody is enabling this healing breathing-pattern to happen. While vocalizing a melody, body and soul are being rearranged, whether we realize it or not.

The heart of the journey lies within four spheres of attentions: hearing attention, liveliness attention – focusing on breath and voice, body attention and attention to the unification of voice, tonality and pulsation of the natural breath.
Strengthening the experience of your true nature, enhancing the awareness to your unique voice and music, deepening the intimacy with yourself and getting in touch with your creative nature, are the intentions and offerings of the Wild Roots Vocal Journeys.

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Musician, Vocal Artist, Music & Sound Therapist.
Founder of Music School of Life.

Amit is a well known artist/music-producer in Israel, having played and

performed with the top musicians over the past 30 years.

Artist such as:

The Fools of Prophecy - musical producer, bass and vocals as a member of the band.

Idan Raichel Project - 2012 European tour. Live show Berlin (2.35 minutes)

Raichel-Farka toure - 2012 U.S.A Tour.

Berry Sacharov - the Red Sea Jazz Festival project -summer 2011

Mosh Ben-Ari - producer of the first solo album.

Live show Mosh Ben-Ari & The Fools of Prophecy

Meira Asher

And many more great ones…


  • European Summer 2023
    Mon, 05 Jun
    Here you will find the freshest info for the up coming European journeys for Summer 23. Have a look and choose your event;) Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you all 🐳🦋🐬🔥🐬🦋🐳
  • The Netherlands -7 day WildRoots retreat.
    Mon, 05 Jun
    A rare opportunity to experience a full 7 day retreat and the Netherlands. All included. Please note: The journey is currently fully booked. You are welcome to send a request to join the waiting list incase an opportunity will arise. Please write to:
  • Totnes::England::6 day journey::
    Fri, 16 Jun
    The Hex
    We are excited to announce that Amit Carmeli, master vocal meditation teacher is returning to Devon, UK to hold a one, three and six day vocal breath musical journey. Amit is journeying with us for some years already which assure a deep and profound journey to all of you who wish to join us!
  • 21 Days. The WildRoots Annual Journey.
    Mon, 04 Sept
    21 Days of the WildRoots journey. Musical breath experience. For experienced participants only. Registration only by a confirmation email from Amit. Please write to: We are looking forward to hearing from you all! PureLoveItIs 🐬🐳🦋🐳🐬
  • 7 days at Taos-Paros-Greece
    Mon, 02 Oct
    7 day of the WildRoots journey at the Taos center in the Island of Paros as for every year in the past 12 years;) Registration through Taos website🐳
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