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Welcome to the Musicschool of Life Guestbook

I was blessed to do a 21 day journey with Amit in Feb 2020. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Words can’t even begin to describe what happened for me. I have never felt such intense love and emotion flowing through my body as I deepened my connection with the Sacred. I sincerely hope I get to be part of this again. I am so grateful to Amit for offering this deeply transformative journey. Sending all my love and blessings. 
- Cadence

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Amit`s 21 days journey was absolutely life-changing for me. What I took especially from it, besides much musical and space-holding inspiration, was to get to know my tricky mind much better, learn to feel the difference between being in a state of love versus being in a state of fear, criticism, judgement etc and switch more quickly back to love. I learnt much more to look at the fruits, the positive transformation, the beauty and that`s still something that affects every day of my life. The journey has transformed my way of praying, of being intimate with life, the way to be with my voice and help it unfold in a free embodied feminine way. I joined the journey with my boyfriend and the experience also helped us as a couple, seeing our individual as well as couple patterns more clearly, being silent while being together. I love Amit, his loving and at the same time clear and confronting way of being. No bullshit, no smalltalk, he invites me to be who I really am and speak & live my truth.

Much love to you Amit and everyone else reading this”

- Amelie

I also have done a Wild Roots 3 week journey in Greece in 2019 and it was the one of the most precious and powerful experiences of my life. The integrity with which Amit Carmeli holds space for the Tribe is impeccable. I find there is nowhere to hide in this work, it is dynamic and loving and continues to serve me everyday. I have been studying with Amit for 5 or 6 years now. The practice keeps on getting deeper. I long for freedom and here I find it. His teachings have encouraged and supported me to give my voice lovingly in all areas of my life, feel the interconnectedness of all life and remember why we are here. If I could join this longer intensive every year I would be there in a heartbeat.

- Kaggie

So many fruits from this work. Deepening. Expansion. Wild being. In the most physical way — through voice and vibrations and the gift of mama music. I still hear Amit’s teachings in my ears when I most need them in day to day life. I still hear the voices of my tribe circle from two years ago. I cherish it enormously.

- Hélène

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