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Thu, 11 Jul


Hidden Paradise

Spain::10 Day WildRoots retreat:

Join us for a 10 Day retreat of the WildRoots Vocal Journey with Amit. All inclusive. July 11th-21st. Spain.

Spain::10 Day WildRoots retreat:
Spain::10 Day WildRoots retreat:

Time & Location

11 Jul 2024, 16:00

Hidden Paradise, 18418 Cáñar, Granada, Spain


About The Event

join us for a 10 Day retreat. All invlusive.

Starting on July 11th at 16:00.

Ending in July 21st at 16:00.

This journey is open to all.

No pre experience is needed.

Everyone are welcome.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the power and the wisdom of the tribe.

"Took me more than few years of sharing the WildRoots experience to understand who is the master we are all really looking to meet?!

It is the voice (!) of the tribe!

When we get to sing together, when we agree to let go for real,

When we agree to trust,

When we agree to love...

When we agree to be real!

The voice of the tribe become alive.

Our voices carries an anciant wisdom.

Each one of us is the freshest face and voice of a whole lineage.

We are a living dream of thousands of souls before us.

we are the living manifestation of our ancestor's dream.

When we gather together and sing, we get to meet and hear that ainciant voice.

The voice that carries all the pain and sorrow, but also all the wisdom and love and truth that ever kept us alive...

We have been through all experiences and expressions of life...therefor we carry all the aspects of life.

The wise people say

"It is not about the answers you will seek for, but more like the questions you will know to ask".

The tribe's voice carries it all.

When I started to teach in 2001, I knew I am coming out with my teachings so I can learn more! I was "forced"to teach and meet you, my brothers and sisters, by my own passion to grow better as a human being.

As a musical being.

As a sexual being.

As a talking being.

As a singing being!

For some years It was the indeviduales I was looking for till I got it....

Indeed it is the indevidual that I am sharing with to open up and acknowledge the creator of this wonderful creation called life.

It is the individual that I guide to let go for trust...for love... as I spoke many times to all the people I have shared with: "it is a private meeting that we are having"...

For I knew that there is no tribe unless that 'individual one' you is showing up...

When this one shows up....the voice of the tribe become alive...

This is when the magical journey starts...

Wisdom become alive and each one of us get to reveal the unique message that is waiting to come through...

If you feel the call to go beyond what you know.

Beyond what your mind can capture...or understand...

Beyond the concepts you might have...

If you feel to free your musicality...your nature...yourself...

If you feel it is your time to show up for real and even better...more truthful, more harmonious, more loving...

You are so welcome to join us on this journey.

The Hidden Paradise is a beautiful place, hosting retreats for many years.

Amazing organic food.

Beautiful nature.

Beautiful Hall to work in.

All that we need to just dive into our true nature. Into Life.

As long as you breath

Your nature is alive.

Your music is alive.

Gathering in July 11th by 16:00.

Ending by July 21st at 12:00.


All prices are including accomodation, food and the journey itself.

Full price:      1800€    from April 4th.

Early Birds:   1500€    till  April 3rd

Repeaters:    1400€  

Repeaters earlybirds  1300€ till April 3rd.

{Repeaters are those of you who already participated in at least week retreat with Amit.}

Registration is open to all.

Please fill up the form and see you soon🐳


  • DownPayment to save your spot.

    By sending the amount of 400€ you will save your spot in the retreat. Please note this ticket is a non refundable ticket.

    Tax: +€12.00 System fee



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